Teachers' Intuition 101

Updated: Mar 25

Teachers' Intuition 101: Developing Your Innate Abilities to Support You in The School And Classroom is an introductory booklet written by Nathan to educate Teachers to begin to learn about their intuition.

Each and everyone is intuitive and it represents a pinnacle of their well-being.

I know how much a Teacher's work can be enhanced through developing and applying Intuitive Abilities to Teaching and Learning and I am very passionate about sharing this message with other educators around the world.

Throughout my own experiences as a Classroom Teacher and Learning Facilitator, I turned within each day to better guide me towards experiences such as;

- Peaceful interactions with staff and students,

- Efficient problem-solving skills,

- Dynamic and flexible approach to teaching and learning,

- High reduction of student-related behaviour incidents and

- High-level of focus to meet Teacher deadlines calmly, consistently and efficiently

In this booklet , you will learn about:

- What is Intuition?

- How does Intuition work?

- Knowing the difference between logic and intuition

- Recognising how emotions influence intuition

- Examples of intuition in the classroom and school

- Suggestions for supporting your well-being and intuition and

- Developing your skills further

Thanks for checking this out and I hope that this resource is valuable in your own practise as an Educator.

Download the full resource here PS. Hello fellow Teacher-Friend.

Do you consider yourself Intuitive? Do you ever pick up the phone, with a hunch or knowing that you know who it's going to be? Have you ever felt a sudden urge to check on certain students on the playground, only to find yourself intervening and preventing a playground incident before it has even happened? This is your intuition speaking and each and all of us are naturally Intuitive. You can learn more about your intuition through a personalised Coaching and Development Session with Nathan, listening to our Podcast or participating in one of our Online Courses.

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