Teacher Philosophy 101: Developing your teaching philosophy to understand your passion & role

Updated: Mar 25

Teacher Philosophy 101: Developing Your Teaching Philosophy To Understand Your Passion & Role is a simple journal that I have put together to help Teachers reflect on key elements of their attitude, mindset and personality as a Teacher. The intention behind this is to help them articulate their own philosophy of being a Teacher.

As Teachers reflect on the key questions presented in this journal, it can help them to develop a better understanding of why they do what they do as Teachers and perhaps engage in opportunities to improve Teaching practice.

In my experience, it is also helpful to reflect on one's own Teacher Philosophy on a regular basis to ensure that their values, attitudes and actions are aligned with Teaching Practice. It can be beneficial to be able to share and express this with current and potential colleagues and employers so they can start to understand more about Teachers.

There are a series of 12 reflection questions for Teachers to engage in which will help stimulate their thinking about what, how and why they teach. While these questions might seem basic, they are also quite thought provoking. It would be beneficial to refer back to these questions for a personal and professional check-in.

Following on from here on the last two pages, is a template that Teachers can use to help them formulate their ideas. These are based on the development of their responses in the previous questions into a structured paragraph.

Print this off and fill it in or retype your whole response into a new document. However you choose to present this, know that there are significant benefits to your Teaching Practice when you can refer back to this and ensure that you're still honouring what you value as a Teacher.

You might also like to do this exercise in your Staff Meeting at the beginning of the School Term or Year, to check in with each other and to check in with yourselves.

When we act in integrity and we honour our true feelings, the experiences that we engage in are more relevant and meaningful for us because they are authentic.

Thanks for checking this out and I hope that this resource is valuable in your classroom, staffroom and school.

Download the full resource here

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