Teacher Mindfulness 101

Updated: Mar 25

Are you feeling Mindful or Mind Full?

When I first started meditating I would sometimes found it difficult to carry the benefits of Meditation into the rest of my day because of the different nature of the pace of the day's events.

I like to see Meditation as a formal, deliberate practise of an activity involving visualisation, breath work, silence and or sound and Mindfulness is the application of the Meditation experience to your waking life.

Through learning about Mindfulness, I found myself able to practise Meditation and then apply what I was learning in Meditation into my day.

Without a doubt, the two practises are inter-related and they enhance each other.

Teacher Mindfulness 101: Developing Mindful Practises to Support You During The School Day is an introductory module to support Teachers, Educators and School Staff in developing practises in Mindfulness. This is a culmination of my developments in Mindfulness as my former School's Well-being Coordinator of 5 years.

In this resource pack, you will learn about:

- What is Mindfulness?

- Differences between Mindfulness and Meditation?

- Significance of Mindfulness

- Basic Principles of Mindfulness

- Different practises to begin a practise in Mindfulness

- Further development

Mindfulness can be applied to almost anything that you do, so long as you become aware of your breathing, awareness, attention and feeling grounded and present in your Body.

ABOVE: Mindful Breathing

BELOW: Mindful Walking

Thanks for checking this out and I hope that this resource is valuable in your own practise as an Educator.

Download the full resource here

PS. Hello fellow Teacher-Friend.

While you are in a state of Mindfulness, you may find yourself receiving insights and impressions from beyond your physical mind and existing knowledge. This is your Intuition and it is activated when you are in a Mindful, aware state. Do you consider yourself Intuitive? Do you ever pick up the phone, with a hunch or knowing that you know who it's going to be? Have you ever felt a sudden urge to check on certain students on the playground, only to find yourself intervening and preventing a playground incident before it has even happened? This is your intuition speaking and each and all of us are naturally Intuitive. You can learn more about your intuition through a personalised Coaching and Development Session with Nathan, listening to our Podcast or participating in one of our Online Courses.

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