Introduction to Vikings

Do you enjoy learning about different countries and people around the world? I love finding out about how their lives influence our development as people.

I created Introduction to Vikings for Grade 3 as an introductory guided or independent learning booklet to encourage students to start asking questions and being curious about these fascinating people from Scandinavia.

These are a combination of reading, labelling and cutting and pasting activities that address basic questions that Students might have when learning about people of the past.

There are 7 activities in here that could cover your independent learning for 3-4 learning sessions. These activities are suitable for Grade 3.

In this resource pack, students will learn about:

- Who were the Vikings?

- Where did the Vikings live?

- What were there homes like?

- What did a Viking Ship look like?

- What did Vikings believe in?

- What did Vikings eat?

- How did Vikings communicate?

Thanks for checking this out and I hope that this resource is valuable in your own practise as an Educator.

Download the full resource here

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