I Love Me

With Valentine's Day happening already this week, one of the key messages to think about is, 'what is self-love? How does it show up in your life?'

I know that Teachers give a lot to their jobs; their time, energy and resources. A lot of this work happens outside of school hours, considering the cycle of planning, implementing, evaluating and reporting. So naturally, Teachers may have a tendency to people-please, giving more than their capacity. Working hard is typically celebrated in school culture.

This week, consider some of the following to give back to yourself and fill your self-love cup: - Finding things that bring you joy outside of the classroom - Saying something nice to yourself in the mirror each time you walk past it. - Being in nature - Taking time out for yourself to do something fun - Treating yourself, dating yourself, giving yourself time and space to be you. - Being comfortable with your emotions and processing them honestly, say through a journal - Doing something creative - Develop a daily ritual to give back to yourself.

The more you fill up your self-love tank, the more you'll be able to take care of those around you. It'll show in the way that you interact with your Students and Colleagues. It'll show up in your ability to take on new challenges and your ability to set healthy boundaries with school, work and home.

Be open to loving all parts of yourself and showing up for yourself every day. Nourish yourself physically, mentally, socially, emotionally & spiritually.

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