Evolving Teacher-Student Relationships Through Intuitive Abilities

Intuition, in my honest opinion, is the next level available to you, within you, to deepen your understanding and the way that you care about and attend to the needs of your Students at School and in the Classroom.

My friends, if you would like to improve the Teacher-Student relationships in your educational setting, then look no further than looking within yourself with a still Mind and an open Heart.

Considering the new paradigm of teaching and learning and relating to Students, this was the inspiration for me to start on this path of connecting Teachers and Educators with their Intuitive Abilities.

While we have the opportunity to get to know Students and their families, we usually don’t know the full extent of a Student’s background and living experience. School can be a sanctuary where a Student finds security, safety and tranquility. It could be a place where they experience learning, laughter and joy. It’s also a place where individuals can come together and they find acceptance for who they are.

One of my early influences into seeking out the best for my students was the result of a lecture that I attended during my University Studies from a visiting speaker named Richard Lavoie. His main message was based on a simple metaphor - all Students have different amounts of poker chips each day.

Some Students begin the day with more and others start the day with less, depending on the kind of environment they live in and the experiences that they have had. Poker chips are given when a Student feels happy, safe and secure and poker chips are taken away with every hurtful comment, action or behaviour towards them. The students with less poker chips are the students who are faced with a higher range of needs and may need that boost to help get them through the day.

This lecture supported me in thinking about the Teacher-Student relationship and how Teachers can begin to practise more compassion for their Students. This opens us up to how we can explore a Heart-driven, Intuitive process in determining Students' needs.

I know that there are different styles of behaviour management, developing Student relationships and building trust in the classroom, but when Teachers can consistently meet those unspoken needs, it's like the Teacher is speaking another language to the Student that truly resonates with them.

Teachers need to develop their awareness and sensitivity of Students’ needs on a deeper level and it extends beneath the surface of what they are able to articulate, communicate and express. This is where Intuition has its role to play.

Teachers who have developed Intuitive Abilities can then tune into the energy of their Students and seek out impressions and insights into what it is that can actually fill up and add to Students' collection of "Poker Chips" for the day.

It is through Intuitive Abilities, that Teachers will gain information via an extension of their faculties of emotional intelligence, sight, sound, touch and thought to develop an understanding of what might best meet their Students' needs.

While thought and intellect provide a reasonable mental-construct to work with, there is more that Teachers can do, by simply being present and connected to their Inner World and Outer World.

Though there are tried and tested methods that work for meeting Students on the same page, the next progression with this, is to explore further elements of Human Development that come into play in the school and classroom. This is especially true in consideration with the increasing number of Children who experience schooling through the lens of Neuro-diverse learning needs. What if a child is non-verbal or cannot express what they need?

The paradigm is shifting towards more Student-Centred approaches to teaching and learning and it could be that developing One's own Intuitive Abilities could be the next step in leading and driving change within the classroom and school.

This is the next progression of the times that we are in. Building on from acting on a mental, intellectual and knowledge-based approach, is incorporating and all-inclusive of holistic approaches, which includes an Intuitive approach, where Teachers are able to dig deeper and feel into different situations and understand on a deeper, more authentic level.

This is about developing an understanding and acting based on your intuition and takes you into your instincts, what is truly natural about you.

If you'd like to learn more about your natural, innate, Intuitive Abilities, you can

- download my free Teacher resource, "Teachers' Intuition 101",

- join an online Zoom workshop, or

- participate in a 1:1 Coaching Zoom with me,

- work through the upcoming self-paced course, "21 Days to Kickstart Your Intuition".

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