Episodes 11-19 in Review

I hope you are enjoying the School Holidays and enjoying some extra time with family. Our next episode will be released on Friday 29th April.

You might like to take this as an opportunity to catch up, review and listen to some of our previous Podcast Episodes.

SEASON 1 EPISODES 11-19 in Summary:

  • Episode 11: New Year, New Faces - Learn about some the empowering, mindful and conscious ways you can set up your classroom for success in the new school year.

  • Episode 12: Inspiring Teachers - Learn about some of the qualities of inspiring teachers and perhaps some which you can further develop or enhance in your own teaching practices.

  • Episode 13: The 4 Clairs: Which One Are You? - Learn about the different ways that your Intuitive Abilities work and discover which sense speaks to you most.

  • Episode 14: Intuitive & Inspired Stars with BelindaGrace - Meet my Teacher, Mentor and Friend, BelindaGrace as we discuss the significance of developing intuition as a skill for life.

  • Episode 15: Intuitive & Inspired Stars with Sifu Donald Presto - Meet my Applied Wing Chun Sifu, Donald Presto as we discuss why Martial Arts are important to learn, discoveries in teaching martial arts to children and advice for parents in choosing a school.

  • Episode 16: Intuitive & Inspired Stars with Nick Collerson - We meet with Nick, a Sydney-based Artist, Art Teacher and Skateboarder and we explore some of the important considerations for effective teaching and learning in the Creative Arts curriculum.

  • Episode 17: Teachers: Earth Angels on Duty - Learn about some of the ways that Teachers are like Angels on a mission and how you as a Teacher can connect more with this inspiring standpoint in Teaching and Learning.

  • Episode 18: The Power of Words - Learn about the impact of our words and the energy, intention and power behind them. How can speaking mindfully be helpful to you in your classroom?

  • Episode 19: Awe(Au)tism Awareness- Learn about some of the discoveries in working with Students on the Autism Spectrum.


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