Episodes 1-10 in Review

Updated: Apr 20

This week I’m on School Holidays and enjoying some extra time with family so the next episode will be released on Friday 29th April.

You might like to take this as an opportunity to catch up, review and listen to some of our previous Podcast Episodes.

SEASON 1 EPISODES 1-10 in Summary:

  • Episode 01: Introduction to Clairvoyant in the Classroom - My introduction, background story and inspiration for Clairvoyant in the Classroom.

  • Episode 02: What is Intuition and What Does it Look Like in the Classroom? - An introduction into the intuitive experience in the classroom.

  • Episode 03: Intuition: Who, What, Where, Why & How? - Exploring some more examples of the power of intuition in the classroom.

  • Episode 04: The Present of Presence - What it means to show up in the classroom and how it impacts your Students.

  • Episode 05: 2022: New Year, New Perspective - Setting powerful new intentions for the new year.

  • Episode 06: Setting Up for the School Year - Things to organise for a powerful 2022 School year

  • Episode 07: Meditation: Do I Really Need to? - The importance of meditation for Teachers and Educators.

  • Episode 08: Intuitive & Inspired Stars With Leah Barthel - Leah is a dear friend and graduate of Nathan’s Clairvoyant Healing program and she shares her story of the life-changing impact that living intuitively has had on her.

  • Episode 09: Teacher Values: Compassion - Exploring the theme of compassion, what it means for the classroom and how it impacts the Teacher-Student relationship.

  • Episode 10: Intuitive & Inspired Stars With Toni Reilly - Toni is a world-renowned Coach and Therapist specialising in areas such as Intuitive Development and Past-Life Regression. Toni and Nathan discuss the benefits of living intuitively, using her Soul Life Map Generator and how this can be used to further understand Children’s personality and needs.


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Thanks for joining us here at Clairvoyant In The Classroom.

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