21 Days to Kickstart Your Intuition

This week, we have uploaded our new online video course, "21 Days to Kickstart Your Intuition". which is a self-paced learning offering that you can take part in to learn some ways to recognize, develop and apply your Intuitive Abilities.

The inspiration comes 21 day programs that are designed to help people transform and with this course, it is all about learning to set intentions, dedicate time to practicing and learning to develop trust in One's own abilities.

Each day requires approximately 5-10 minutes of your attention and it is meant to be light-hearted, fun and engaging.

Each day features a different topic and is designed with the intention to work through

  • personal blocks,

  • resolve old beliefs,

  • ask relevant questions and

  • develop your own familiarity to connecting to your Intuition.

This week, we are introducing this course at an introductory 50% off so that our audience can try out this course at a lower price.

Best wishes with the journey!

Blessings and love,

Nathan and Friends

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