About clairvoyance & Intuition


What is a clairvoyant healer?

Clairvoyance is a word of French origin which means 'clear seeing'.

Nathan is a Clairvoyant Healer who works with a clients in a whole body experience to interpret and understand information from a person's energy field for healing, empowerment and personal and professional growth.

This can involve working with a client by balancing their Chakras, unblocking stuck energy, receiving messages from their Angels and Spirit Guides and gaining insights into and resolving life patterns in one's life.

For Educators and Families, working with Nathan could take on the form of gaining insights into personal and professional development, supporting different dimensions of health and wellbeing and providing support in understanding one's position in their journey through life.


Intuition is a natural, in-born skill that everyone is capable of developing and applying to their everyday life. 

Intuition is also commonly referred to as a 'gut feeling', 'sense of knowing' or 'sixth sense' and it involves interpreting information through one's senses of Extrasensory perception. 

This can commonly take on the form of experiences such as;
- Divinely inspired thoughts,
- Feeling sensitive to the changes in environments, emotions, 
- Hearing uplifting and encouraging voices of encouragement, insight and support and
- Seeing visions during dreams and meditative states.


Working with Nathan in coaching or online-learning can provide you with the opportunity to develop your own intuitive skills which can support you in regulating your own emotions and wellbeing, finding more peace and mental clarity and establishing effective routines and practices in consistent self-care. 

Having experienced it for himself as a Classroom Teacher, Nathan is a strong advocate for empowering Education Staff to develop their intuition to support their work inside and outside of the teaching and learning environment.