Hi There, 

I'm Nathan and I am a School Teacher of 11 years. I am also a Clairvoyant Healer of 11 Years.

I am very passionate about helping others unlock their full potential through learning to access their inborn, innate Intuitive Abilities. Throughout my years of service, I have seen many local, national and international clients from all different walks of life. I have written magazine articles, featured on the radio and regularly facilitate workshops on Intuitive Development. 

Clairvoyant in the Classroom is a culmination of my dedication to service in Education, Empowerment and Enlightenment. My mission is to empower and teach Children, Parents and School Teachers about the magic and miracles of working with their intuition so that it can enhance the quality of their connections to the wonderful work that they do.

I'm here to help teachers, parents & educators with

- Career progression, CV Writing and Interview skills,
- Clear limiting beliefs, old habits and patterns,
- Coaching in enhancing communication and integrating technology into teaching and learning
- Develop curriculum and resources for K-6, Life Skills, Growth Mindset, School Wellbeing,
- Enhance student engagement,  
- Improving school community and school policies,
- Mentoring Teachers to build their Teaching practices and presence in the classroom and school, 
- Personal and professional development in Intuition, Meditation and Wellbeing,
- Reduce stress, enhance mental health and increase job satisfaction,  


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